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HP Releases - Data Messenger and Voice Messenger

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on October 21st, 2008

HP has launched two new SmartPhones that finally have a design a little more sophisticated, the iPAQs were horrible to do (not to mention the size).

The Data Messenger (left of photo), has touch screen 2.8 inches, sliding QWERTY keyboard, supports 3G HSDPA, has Wi-Fi, aGPS and 3.1 megapixel camera.

Since the Voice Messenger has a smaller screen, 2.4-inch difference from the first only the design, the features are exactly the same.

The scheduled launch of both in Europe is respectively 5 and November 22, with suggested prices of 399 and 499 euros.

The vast majority of releases are bringing over a year and a half later the same features as the old N95, often less, it's time to make some new Nokia superlançamento ... Is he the N97?

Source: Gadgets INFO

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