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WidSets - News updated in real time

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on February 21st, 2008


How many times you would not have access to your favorite sites and blogs on your phone? You would not want to be updated all the time, anywhere? Do not want to receive the top stories of the big portals or blog so that you are always posting something new?

Currently it is already possible to do with your phone. But we have the frustrating experience of browsing the limited (but more optimized) mobile browsers.

When you want to open a website, for example, you must enter the URL or access it in your favorites, and if you want to visit another site, you need to open a new window, and so on.

The problem is, if you need to open a large amount of websites and blogs, you'll quickly be exhausted with all this amount of open windows. They are not easy to access and you still will have to manually refresh to get the latest updates.

But there is a solution, you can now use a small application called WidSets. Through it you can receive traffic alerts, news, blogs, weather and many other things you normally enter without having to manually access thousands of websites and weblogs.

WidSets works on any device that runs Java MIDP2.0 and is certainly a great alternative to read their RSS feed, with a beautiful graphical interface and intuitive.

Certainly worth taking a given. I liked the application that created my own widget, that can be added through the following button or the button placed in the "Join" next.

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