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Symbian Theme - Light Effect V3

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 17th September 2008

I was a little sick of the theme I was using for a long time and decided to give a sought on sites I know and found an excellent theme, there is a tip for those who are wanting to change a bit the look. To download click here, available in versions with and without icons changed.

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"Star Wars - The Force Unleashed" available for N-Gage

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 16th September 2008

Was finally released the long awaited (at least for me) "Star Wars - The Force Unleashed" for the N-Gage. From what I found on the official site the game is also available for all other platforms, ie, Playstation 2 and 3, XBox 360, Wii, PSP, DS, iPhone / iPod Touch and even Java!

Not even ran the trial, already bought immediately and spent the last half hour to win the first stage (I had a little difficulty with the controls, but I get the hang of it.

I love Star Wars so much that last week I and two friends face the marathon to watch all 6 movies in sequence, was very tiring but worth it.

Unfortunately I did not see anything about a version of the game for PC, I have no video-game and not in my plans adiquirir one, so maybe I have to content myself with only the N-Gage version of it.

And you? Just go and? Visit the N-Gage, download the trial and say what you think!

And may the force to be with you! ;-)

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Enhanced Calculator updated based on feedback from users

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 31st August 2008

Enhanced Calculator, a calculator developed in Java by the staff of Nokia Beta Labs to replace the calculator of sorts that comes with the Symbian S60 has received a number of improvements based on feedback from users.

Among the updates is the end of chatíssma confirmation message output, which can now be configured to appear or not. They are:

  • You can use the exit confirmation dialog or switch it off
  • If you press "C" repeatedly, also characters are deleted repeatedly.
  • Added some localized string files, for the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish.
  • More information on the Nokia Blog Beta Labs.

    To download the new version, click here.

    Source: nokiAAdict

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    Nokia N85 and Nokia N79 announced

    Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 25th August 2008

    The site Pocket-lint reported that two big releases long-awaited by Nokia, the N85 and N79 handsets have been announced officially.

    I have not seen anything official from Nokia, but the images gives to notice that there is a watermark of Nokia Conversations.

    It is scheduled for tomorrow an event launch site Nokia Events then this will have more information.

    The principle announced settings for both devices is as follows:

  • HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Symbian S60 FP3
  • 2.6 ", QVGA (240 × 320 px) 16M color AMOLED display
  • 5 megapixel camera with geotagging support
  • built-in GPS and FM transmitter
  • 3.5 mm jack headhone
  • dedicated gaming and music keys
  • micorSD memory card
  • 28 hrs of music playback
  • Nokia Maps, 10 N-Gage demo titles with 1 licensed game for free
  • 5 Megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • The difference between the two is up to the N85 is dual-slider with dedicated keys for gaming especially (!!!) and N79 be the candy-bar model.

    As I've been saying, if you are wanting a new cell phone, wait a little longer, after the competition made the announcement, Nokia is sure to present your products and promises to Christmas!

    Source: Unwired View

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    SlideHelper - Add new features to the N95 Slide

    Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 6th August 2008

    SlideHelper The application is a Symbian S60v3 developed by for devices with this version of symbian system that possum Slider to enlarge the functions performed by the device when it is opened / closed.

    Actions such as on or off the backlight or answer / end a call may be added, things that many people accustomed to the model Clamshell miss in transition for the model Slider (I felt but I just used to it).

    The developers suggest that this software is for use only with the N95 or N95 8Gb, but probably it should work with any device with Symbian slider (N96, Innov8, etc.).

    To download, click here.

    Source: Daily Mobile

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    WWF Nokia N96 Limited Edition - 24GB memory

    Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 4th August 2008

    Recently my friend Lilian sent me this news and although I believe the N96 is a tremendous blunder of Nokia, could not stop talking about this limited release.

    This is a very limited series of 96 units of a N96 with 24 GB of space and comes in a wooden box.

    To have one of these there are two ways: either you participate in a lottery, after watching the entire contents of the site and answer a questionnaire or take the time to donate 759 million to WWF through the site

    If you have all this money and are related to try to win an N96, the site monitor the exact time of the donation and you may be the lucky one to get yours, and you see, "MAY", probably because many people will try and you will end up without giving their "gift".

    What a great capacity hein! 24GB added to 32GB expansion slot gives us 56GB! But storage capacity is not everything, without the accelerator card I still think it a tremendous shot in the foot ...

    Source: Brainstorm # 9


    Too late, all the N96 limited already exhausted, but be sure to visit the site, really cool.

    Ah A curiosity, the red panda, whose cause you want to help, is the same animal that appears on firefox logo, contrary to what everyone thinks, it is not a fox.

    End Edit Post

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    Mobiola WebCam now with WiFi

    Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 1st August 2008

    The Mobiola already is an old acquaintance of staff applications (and if not you certainly will be).

    This excellent application has a new version that now works at WiFi in handsets with this technology (which increase in number every day). For other options are still using it via bluetooth or USB cable.

    I was experimenting with him last night and found it impressive, what was good is now even better.

    If you want to see the results visit the official website of Wirelex, the developer of the product.

    PS: There are also versions for other than symbian smartphones and even a lite version that runs on mobile phones with bluetooth java, which makes it compatible with a much wider range of equipment, worth checking out!

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    Open At Own Risk! - Finally news ...

    Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 30th July 2008

    After the huge waiting time, finally Nokia has released another part of the trail that will lead to solving the mystery of the site Open At Own Risk. Simply access the application "Downloads" on your phone, enter in the "On High" and there will be a section "Secret", see the following screens:

    The application has a presentation, then you can enter a 4 digit code in the sequence that produces a new 4-digit code (top image), probably it will be used later for everyone to open their own box, from a given code or something. For those who do have internet on your phone and not a wi-fi network around, I am providing a link with the 3 files that can be downloaded from this section include: Files Open At Own Risk! As updates become available, I would upgrade, and if someone know something, do not let me know!

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    Interactive demonstrations of use of N95

    Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 24th July 2008

    Just Acquire an N95 and you're wondering how to use the many functions of the device?

    Your questions can be answered through this interactive guide that Nokia has released on its website, showing step-by-step, how to use each feature. It's a great applied for the guys who are having their first contact with a SmartPhone Symbian.

    So come on, the address is (Portuguese for Portugal, I found the guide in Portuguese in Brazil, but I do not be a problem).

    And for those who prefer, the address is also in English:

    If someone finds in Portuguese of Brazil, the hint is very welcome.

    Now there's no more excuse eh! ;-)

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    Windows Live Messenger on BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile

    Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 23rd July 2008

    There's some good news for the class of the BlackBerry, has released a version of Windows Live Messenger for these devices, including Portuguese in Brazil.

    To download, click here.

    I know this is not new, but either way it's always good to point out that in addition to the BlackBerry version, there are official versions for Symbian and Windows Mobile.

    The official site of the Symbian version can be accessed here and if you want to download the English version, you can click here (I'm giving the link for the nokia for a change have habit of sectorial downloads and there is still an option for Brazil).

    To update the version of Live Messenger on your Windows Mobile, you can access the official website, mobile browser or by clicking here.

    Now the entire class of SmartPhones has no more to complain at having to be using third-party applications to access the Live Messenger. Will they release a version for the iPhone too?

    Source: The Old

    Posted in Tips, HTC, Mobility, N95, Nokia, Smartphone, Symbian, Windows Mobile | 2 Comments »