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Vivo Zap 3G in Paulista, but now

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 27th October 2008

Quick post just to close to testing the connection 3G Live at the Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo.

After a week of not very good, came in contact with live and promised a fix, here is the result of the test undertaken a few:

Apparently things fell into place, I made a series of tests and was always in this medium. Recalling that nominally my connection is only 1Mbps, which means that both my home and here in my workplace, the connection is better than expected. :-)

I stopped a bit with these posts about connection, I think I gave you guys have an idea, no doubt just get in touch!

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HP Releases - Data Messenger and Voice Messenger

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 21st October 2008

HP has launched two new SmartPhones that finally have a design a little more sophisticated, the iPAQs were horrible to do (not to mention the size).

The Data Messenger (left of photo), has touch screen 2.8 inches, sliding QWERTY keyboard, supports 3G HSDPA, has Wi-Fi, aGPS and 3.1 megapixel camera.

Since the Voice Messenger has a smaller screen, 2.4-inch difference from the first only the design, the features are exactly the same.

The scheduled launch of both in Europe is respectively 5 and November 22, with suggested prices of 399 and 499 euros.

The vast majority of releases are bringing over a year and a half later the same features as the old N95, often less, it's time to make some new Nokia superlançamento ... Is he the N97?

Source: Gadgets INFO

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Live 3G - How's the connection?

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 20th October 2008

Some readers have sent me emails asking if I recommend the 3G connection of course, Vivo or Tim

Unfortunately, I am opinionated about what I do not know, I can only say that I am a subscriber of operator Vivo and that since the network went on the air, not a single day that I needed to use and that it was not available, always with rates in their 2Mbps.

If the other carriers want, I can do a test drive of their services, just send me a chip that enabled I will be happy to make a detailed analysis of areas where I usually connect (ABC Paulista and mainly).

For those who want to know more about the services of the operator course, the excellent blog of my online friend RodrigosToledo has several reviews on the status of the service.

And this is the current status of my connection I live here in Sao Caetano do Sul, via WiFi with the JoikuSpot:

The upload is not the best, but it is not hurting anything in my work on time.

Hope I have helped ... ;)

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Live launched its 3G network in Sao Paulo without fanfare

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 16th September 2008

At least that seems to Vivo's 3G network has already started operating and is here to stay for more than a week that my phone is constantly with the 3G signal active, and, at first I thought it was just a test is starting the final opinion.

I did a general search on news sites and also the site operator, and you have nothing official. Probably they will wait for the announcement of the new with the launch of the iPhone 3G (can not stand to hear that phone), but for those who have enough background data to enable the use of dual-band (usually stays off for energy saving) and test.

I've been doing tests throughout the week and the network is wonderful, do not know if due to the low volume of use, but I hope it continues like this:

Not bad right?

Another interesting thing is that on the handset screen appears 3.5G (3GPP Revision 5 - Only HSDPA and some improvements) instead of 3G (3GPP Release 99, only ranked the same as 3G) when it is connected, which brings a considerable difference in performance.

Following is the ScreenShot I did with my machine running as a modem, I did a download almost 800MB and it only took 52 minutes to complete, while maintaining an average of about 240 kB / s.

If things continue like this, surely the number portability will end up favoring people who offer the best service, and from what I've been following the blog of my friend Rodrigo Toledo, 3G service and the course goes bad. Anyone have the data plan from TIM to comment on their 3G network? As far as I know is also 3.5G, I'm curious to know the performance.

Let's hope the announcement and see how it is when this new network is being used on a large scale. I'll be the public eye and updates over time. :-)

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TIM says it will be 1st to sell 3G iPhone in NZ

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 24th June 2008

The way things are going, soon all operators will sell the iPhone in Brazil. For people interested in purchasing the unit that is very good because the competition with the trend is the popularity of the price of the unit. I think we have a new fashion in Brazil, as was the fashion of the Motorola V3 in his time. Below the full story of INFO-line with the declaration of the President of TIM:

"The president of TIM said that his company should have the iPhone 3G in stores before the course.

Mario Cesar Pereira de Araujo told that season, although other carriers have announced partnerships to sell the iPhone in Brazil, none of them has an exclusive contract with Apple.

Allen says that the TIM has already signed with Apple to sell iPhone 3G in Italy, home of the company, from July 11. The agreement could be extended to other countries where the telecom operators, such as Brazil.

The president of TIM is unlikely, however, that the phone is sold in Brazil before October.

According to Allen, the period is the minimum necessary for the iPhone 3G version to be approved by the FCC, a fundamental condition for the device to be released in the country.

If the statements of the TIM is confirmed, the course could only meet the expectations of being the first to sell the iPhone in Brazil was the version is not compatible with 3G networks in the country by October.

Thus, the course would be the first to sell the iPhone (2G) and TIM Brazil in the first to sell the 3G version. As the carriers are competing in a very tough non-exclusive rights to sell the iPhone, the tendency is for a few weeks separating the debut of Apple's phones in one and another carrier. "

I particularly do not understand all this fever that surrounds the iPhone, a device until it is legal for its ease of use, but is far from being the most modern equipment in the world.

Source: INFO Online

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Vivo and Claro to bring iPhone 3G to Brazil

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 11th June 2008

The operator Vivo in a statement to the press, said the iPhone arrives in Brazil "in the coming months." The operator will bring iPhone 3G to Brazil because of its contract with Telefónica closed with Apple to distribute iPhone in 15 countries and 11 of them in Latin America, including Brazil.

This is very good news, because once that Vivo will bring the iPhone 3G here, this implies that it will finally premiere its WCDMA network. Will they do it simultaneously?

In addition, the operator Claro has announced that it would sell the iPhone in brazilian lands, and the official site of Apple Brazil there is already an area for future purchase of iPhones that points to the site of course.

The big problem is "HOW" the iPhone will cost around here? In the U.S., the pet is being sold for $ 199.00 and 8GB version at $ 299.00 on the 16GB version. I believe in "conversion" will have somewhere around $ 2,000.00, and that the plan to 1,418,316 minutes, and I say this because the Palm Centro is a device that was born under the mission to be one of SmartPhone low cost, outside sells for $ 99.00 and here is costing "trifle" of R $ 1099.00.

It's wait and see. But one thing is certain, already go put some coins in the piggy bank is thought to acquire one for you.

Source: Gadgets INFO

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Live 3G Networks - A bucket of cold water ... = (

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 30th April 2008

Today I had lunch at the mall on purpose to pass by a store in Vivo and verify that the GSM 3G chips are reportedly being sold, or if not, what is the forecast for the start.

In the store they do not have any information, I called the call center and lack of information was repeated and the only thing that "discovered" that's what I said a shop attendant, "Ah! I heard that should be there for August! ".

I went to the office somewhat frustrated but still hopeful because there is no secret that clerks in stores telephony in general have no knowledge of what they are doing, just follow the manual and I will work, but then I got the bucket of cold water to read a report from INFO Online which I took the following excerpt:


Vivo began selling cards in connection standard third-generation CDMA (the EVDO) in late 2004 and, therefore, declined to reveal when they will start offering mobile phones in the frequency bands purchased at the auction last December, whose contracts were signed on Tuesday.

"We have an established standard with EVDO and can not do worse than that," he said.

Therefore, he said the company will only release the new offer "at the time that we have the network tested to the extreme." He limited himself to saying that it will happen "in 2008." "

In other words, perhaps the "bold" attendant is right, offer 3G Live, only in August, or perhaps even later than that ...

Brrrr ... It's cold .... = (

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JoikuSpot Light Beta 1:21

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 25th April 2008

It released a new version of JoikuSpot, is a list of changes in the new version:

Release notes for JoikuSpot Light Beta 1.21:
-Landing page works now with all operators
-Encryption support with WEP including automatic 128bit key generator
Battery-threshold shutting down the client when battery level is too low (adjustable)
-Default Access point can be set
-Support for secure SSH tunnels with Putty

For those who do not know the JoikuSpot is a freeware software that turns your phone into a Wi-Fi HotSpot, allowing you to share your connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G) with other devices such as notebooks. It is a very useful software and I use very often download more than recommended!

To download click here.

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On behalf of TCU, Anatel cancels 3G contracts

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 9th April 2008

The FCC announced today that it has canceled the contracts signed on the 10th, as was originally scheduled, because of an opinion of the TCU (Court of Audit) on the bid. According to the Court, the resolution published on 98 gives you the right to monitor the process, which was not done.

A decision like this without prejudice, and much, operators Vivo and TIM anxiously awaiting the signature of such contracts in order to operate their 3G networks that are already including mounted. Today only the Claro and Teleming exploit this technology has rights to the 850Mhz band.

In a market as competitive as that of any cellular misalignment can cause damage to the position that each carrier occupies.

It's not just the operators who are losing with what I'll call it a huge farce, and a User's operator Vivo I was extremely anxious for the signing of these contracts so that I could finally use the technology. What's more, while the clear rule alone she can get the prices and restrictions that you want for those who want the connection has no choice but to accept what it imposes.

Palmas to Brazil ... ¬ ¬

Source: PC Forum

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Huawei adds digital TV tuner in your USB Modem

Posted by Rodrigo Piccelli on 26th March 2008

Huawei has launched an upgrade to its HSDPA USB modem and it included a TV tuner Digital. Huawei modem is one of the models used worldwide for navigation on 3G networks, including the standard used by the operator Claro.

The modem, also known as E510, is capable of navigating the HSDPA up 7.2Mb/se can upload up to 2Mb / s. Initially available only in Europe and the price has not been disclosed.

Source: IntoMobile

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